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Lisa Norbury

Hi. I’m Lisa, a 50 year old divorced mum of two children, living near Marlow. When I said "I do", I never dreamt I’d be a mid-life divorcee and single again! I was lucky to have an amazing group of friends and a good social life, but when my kids weren’t around, sometimes I just craved to get out and do something but there wasn’t always someone to do that with!

I was on/off app dating. That was exhausting! And a swiping lottery! Judging if someone is “right” just from a photo, the try-hard tagline, the emotional hours spent keeping a txt message conversation going to only to end up being disappointed, the dates with people you like but don’t fancy.

After rather too many of those experiences, I decided there must be an alternative! A different way to avoid the pressure of one-to-one dates, and instead – enjoy single life with a bunch of people in the same situation. So, after sharing these thoughts with other single friends in their 40s and 50s, I set up Date in the Diary which launched in February 2022!

A date to make in-person connections with groups of like-minded single people, naturally – you know like we used to! Doing something fun. An experience. Or an event. No expectations. And no disappointment. If you happen to meet someone you’re attracted to romantically, then it’s a bonus – and a “date”! But in the meantime you can make lots of genuine friendships and connections!

Date in the Diary is over a year old now, we have grown organically and changed things along the way. I’m constantly speaking to members seeing what events they like, which they don’t, getting feedback and recommendations. These conversations have informed the many events we host, along with lots of social get-togethers. Monthly events and experiences have been successfully running for over a year!

This isn’t some algorithm-based service: it’s back to meeting people in person in a social environment. The old-fashioned way! What has been fantastic is the Date in the Diary community that has formed; a group of like minded, fun, single people – that keeps growing. Some genuine friendships have formed, there have been many dates and we even have some established couples. I myself have even met someone in the last year (after 5 years single) and my partner now helps me host these events!

Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re divorced, separated, a single parent, widowed or just been single for a while. Join Date in the Diary. It’s still early days and I want to get to know you so I can keep the ideas fresh and interesting, so you get the best experience from Date in the Diary.

There has honestly never been a better time to find yourself single.

Thank you and I hope to speak to you very soon.

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