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The As to your FAQs. Your question not answered? Either call us on 07751 958443 or fill in the JOIN US form and we’ll be in touch.

Why should I join Date in the Diary?
We don’t think technology should choose you a potential match, or that you should waste your time and money going on an uneasy date with someone you only know from a photo. We connect like-minded single people organically by providing a friendly, fun and relaxed environment that allows you to slowly gain acquaintances, friends and maybe even a romantic partner over shared experiences.

Are you a dating company?
Nope, we’re basically the step before a date. We are all about connecting people that have gone through a divorce or break up or may be widowed to provide social events and experiences that bring people in the same situation together.What better way to connect than experiencing something you love? There are many friendships that have been formed, first and foremost BUT there have also been many dates from people that have met. We hope you’ll meet someone you might like to go on a date with through one of our events, but you’ll find new friends and networks – and, most importantly, have fun. There are no algorithms or profile pics; just real people to talk to.

Do I have to pay any membership or joining fees?
In order to keep our club exclusive and make sure you meet people like you – we are a membership club but once you pay the fee to join, there is no monthly fee,you just pay for the events you’d like to come to.You are welcome to come and try one of our events as a ‘guest’ before you commit. Call one of our team and they’ll chat you through everything.
We have 2 levels of memberships - Social and Club. The differences between the 2 are detailed below:

All memberships give you as standard:



How much are the events?
The cost varies depending on the event: the monthly socials are around £30; activities from £50-£90: Clay Pigeon Shooting £135 and Cookery courses £175.

Are you selective in who becomes members?
A little bit! We aren’t right for everyone but equally we arean open and inclusiveorganisation. 90% of our members are recommendations from existing members (we encourage all members to network their own social groups for more ‘like minded’ singles) which is working really well! It keeps the right people coming through the door! But as long asyou are single, divorced or separated for a start, then chat with us and we can discuss everything.

How do I book onto one of your events?
Fill in the JOIN US form and one of our team will call you for a (quick!) chat. They’ll tell you what events have availability and any coming up that they think you’d enjoy. There is a membership fee, which you can pay over the phone. Once you’re a member, we’ll be in touch regularly with lots of varied and exciting events also keep an eye on social media. You can just book onto as many events as you want.

Can I bring a friend along to one of the events?
They’re just for single, separated, divorced or widowed people. We don’t check this, we trust what our members tell us but single friends are most welcome – networking your own social circles and bringing other singles along really helps us grow and is the secret to our success!

Is Date in the Diary on Facebook and Instagram?
Yes. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share with your single friends. We’ll share photos and details of all of our events here.

Will there be equal numbers of men and women at your events?
That’s our aim!

Will everyone on your events be of a similar age to me?
Our members are aged between 35-60 years old (at the moment we are not taking on new members outside of these ages but will do in 2023). As a social member, it’s not a cast-iron guarantee but we do try as much as we can to put similar age groups together. It depends on the event and level of interest.

What if my circumstances change and I’m not single anymore?
You can put your membership on hold – or leave us completely and we’ll remove your details from our database. just give us a call.

Where are your events located?
Berks/Bucks focusing on Marlow, Henley on Thames, Beaconsfield, Windsor and surrounding areas. But we are growing and heading into West London and Surrey! The more members who join in other areas, the faster we can hold events in those areas!

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